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The health and safety of our artists & clients is always our top priority. Below are the guidelines LUX will be following until further notice, and they are subject to change at any time. If you have questions or concerns regarding our guidelines, please email the LUX team so that we can further assist you.

xx, Your LUX Beauty & Bridal Team

  • Per the CDC's recommendation, we do not require our artists and clients to wear masks if fully vaccinated. However, masks are strongly recommended for anyone that is not fully vaccinated.

  • Every client is required to sign a Covid release of liability form at the time of booking. We also have a signed release of liability form on file for each artist. Please note that proof of vaccination is not required for clients and artists.

  • At any point during the appointment, the client may request that the artist wear a mask, and the artist is expected to comply with no questions asked. We understand that everyone's preferences are different, so clients - please don't hesitate to let our team know if we can do anything to ensure you feel 100% comfortable!

  • Clients and artists are encouraged to work together to create a safe and comfortable work environment. Artists are responsible for determining their own social distancing comfort level and enforcing it during the booking.

  • If the client or artist is sick or has been around anyone sick, LUX must be notified before the appointment.

  • Clients are not permitted to touch any products or tools in the artist's kit during the appointment.

  • Our artist kit sanitization standards and requirements have remained the same. If extra time is needed in-between clients to clean and sanitize tools or wash hands, the artist is encouraged to do so.

  • To ensure that the artist has enough time to sanitize in between each client properly, we ask that the client wait to be seated until the artist says they're ready to begin.

  • Should a client appear to look visibly ill (i.e., coughing, visible sweating, feverish, etc.), the artist reserves the right to deny the service with no refund due to the client. Health, safety, and sanitization are our number one priority. The artist must inform LUX immediately if they have declined a service due to COVID-19 concerns.

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