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Hello, It’s nice to meet you!

Hi, Beauties!

As you can tell we have launched a blog, yay! We’re hoping that through this platform we can connect more with our community and give you all a little peek behind the scenes, as well as tips and tricks to master any beauty look.

To get started, here’s a little LUX history….

LUX Beauty and Bridal was started in late 2018 by three (fabulous) people who had no clue about the incredible journey they were about to embark on. Our fab founders are Caitlyn, Trey, and Laura. Trey and Caitlyn met while freelancing for various beauty companies and they were struck by each other's talent, this dynamic duo was like a moth to a flame, two peas’ in a pod, cut from the same cloth… I could go on and on but let’s stay on topic. Their talent, craft, and overall ambition got them started down the road to create LUX but there was one piece missing and this is where Laura joined to create the fab three. Trey had known Laura; they had spent countless hours dreaming up various business ideas, how they would create different empires, with her business mind and entrepreneur background she was the perfect addition. One midsummer afternoon they met for happy hour at a local staple, by the end of the evening they left as business partners and entrepreneurs.

And that’s how this beauty company was born!

LUX has since grown and become an amazingly talented group – err, more like a family and we could not be more enthralled to have our dream jobs or be more proud of our award-winning team! LUX has since grown to over 30 hand-selected beauty professionals that are taking this industry by storm!

LUX prides itself on being a diverse group of artists that can take on any hair texture, any skin tone, and deliver the best glam to any client - whether that be “au-naturale” or “high glam” beauty. One of the best things about this wild ride is you never know where the day is going to take you; from 10 weddings in a single day to glamming celebs at night to a sweet sixteen or prom memories. We love being a part of our client’s lives, whether it be a major life milestone or self-care, it's a privilege to be a part of your story.

Thanks for stopping by, we would love for you to drop a comment and introduce yourself. For all our past brides and current clients, feel free to share this blog to spread the LUX news!!



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