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Lashes: Strip or Extend?!?

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

From wedding glam to a basic selfie, lashes are everything!

The ’60s and Twiggy brought lash strips back, but the 21st century revolutionized lash extensions and took them to a whole new level. The practice of lengthening lashes has been around since the 1800s, enhancing our eyes will forever be on-trend. But how do you choose? Our LUX babes are always inquiring, “do you prefer lash extensions or strip lashes?!” Although the answer is different for everyone, we’re here to guide you to the best glam accessory for YOU.  

Let’s start with the facts...

Lash extensions:

  • Longer wear time, one to three weeks with a full set and you can extend the wear time with routine fills

  • Much like acrylic nails, lash extensions need maintenance to keep their glamorous look and require fills every two to three weeks. Depending on your hair growth cycle, fill appointments take one to two hours.

  • Money, Honey! Good lash extensions can cost a pretty penny, from a new set to a routine fill

  • Don’t get them wet! Well, you can, you just have to be extremely careful and we would recommend you try your best to not get them wet

  • Doing makeup around them can be tricky. Possible, but tricky... takes a bit of an elevated skill set (cough, cough, LUX!)

  • They’re honeymoon ready! A huge plus for our brides is that lash extensions can withstand the shenanigans of the wedding AND the honeymoon!

  • Wake up lash ready! Some simple brushing and you are out the door, low daily maintenance is a major perk

Strip Lashes:

  • Short wear time. Strip lashes are only recommended to be worn once, then taken off at the end of your day/night….or morning ;P  

  • If taken care of a strip lash can give you up to 30 applications

  • Strip lashes have a HUGE variety, ranging from barely-there lashes to super glam styles - match your lash to your mood or your occasion

  • That being said, they have a wide range of price points. Starting for as little as $2.00 a lash up to $30.00 a lash. The opportunities are endless and quite fun!

  • Makeup artists love a strip lash, adding a lash to a makeup look is like adding a cherry on top, the perfect final touch. You or your artist can hand-select the perfect pair to elevate that glam!

There are the facts! Now, if you still can’t decide why not try them both?!?! We suggest trying extensions two to three months before your wedding or event. This allows you to give them a good test run with no pressure to see if they are the right fit for you. Some may love the look but hate the feeling, you never want to have your moment be the trial period. For strip lashes, your makeup trial is the perfect setting to give them a go. You and your artist can collaborate to find the perfect pair! The trial is always the best place to try out any trend with the option to edit, some may want more and others less. The trial is where you decide. 

One aspect to consider when deciding if you want a strip lash or lash extension is that our eyes are delicate, and you should consult your healthcare provider if you have any concerns (allergies, eye sensitivities, etc..) before trying this trend. Safety is always our priority!

With all of the facts are you a lash strip or lash extension? Or both?? Drop a comment below and tell us where your glam stands!

Happy lashing!



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