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Make Your Wedding Day Seamless

Updated: May 14, 2020

To all our brides and planners, this post is for you ;)

A wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of a person's life. Months of planning, numerous decisions, and countless hours go into the details of your big day – but the one thing that can trump all that hard work is the clock: the dreaded test of time. Without a day-of schedule for, not only all the vendors responsible for setting up the venue, but also for the bride, groom, and the wedding party, your day is sure to be anything but smooth. This is one of the fundamental reasons people hire wedding coordinators, and why a lot of venues offer day-of coordinating. No one wants chaos on their wedding day! LUX is no different. That's why we include a detailed glam schedule with every single contract. Nothing ensures a seamless day like a tight, well-designed schedule!

Some of you may be skeptical, wondering, "Why do I need a glam schedule? Is it really that big of a deal?!"

Oh, honey, it’s a HUGE deal! Not much will hold up a wedding … but GLAM??? Glam running late is the one thing no bride should compromise on, and it will always take precendence over any other deadline. Why? Because the last thing anyone wants on their wedding day is to run towards that aisle in a frenzied panic due to being late!!!

If an artist takes just a little too long to achieve that winged liner or to build that mega-volume, it impacts the flow of the whole event. It’s not just about following the sequence of 'to-do's', but about managing the clock and ensuring everyone stays on track. This is why we provide a leader.

LUX employs a lead artist for every wedding no matter the size of the booking. The leader is usually a veteran in their craft and knows how to keep the glam squad running right on time! To take it one step further (as we always do!), we insist on a time cushion at the end of every glam schedule we create, ranging from 15 – 30 minutes. This sweet little cushion allows for final touch-ups before walking down the aisle, and it provides a buffer in case Becky was late, because she went a little too hard at the rehearsal dinner last night (oh come on, we all have a Becky in our lives and we still love her!).

The lead knows our LUX standard: by keeping the team on track, they not only ensure every bod in our chairs stands up gleaming over the look, but also that the look embodies the Bride's vision seamlessly. Seamless look, seamless wedding!

In addition to all of this, we want to make sure you get that one item that falls under everyone’s most prized possessions: wedding photos! The lead works with the photographer to help capture the perfect “getting ready” shots – LUX knows ALL the details! We want to make sure you get every shot and maximize your time with the photographer. A solid glam schedule means the photographer spends less time standing around and more time capturing the shots you will have forever.

This is just that little extra support that you need on your wedding day. It’s the LUX way ;)



Now, here's a little behind the scenes look….

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