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To Airbrush or Not to Airbrush?!?!

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

This is the number one question we receive from prospective brides and clients. With years of first hand experience and vast knowledge on this topic, I'm here to debunk the theories and help you choose what's best for you!

Our senior makeup artist, Trey, always says “If your favorite celebrities and musicians aren’t wearing airbrush makeup, even on stage, why should you?” If you want celebrity style makeup, that glam that gives a damn, then airbrush probably isn’t for you. While airbrush can leave a thin and smooth texture, it doesn't let your artist do what they do best - create their art, and create it flawlessly!

Here are some pros and cons with both airbrush & traditional makeup - drop a comment below and let us know what YOU think!

Airbrush Makeup


  • Airbrush Makeup can last all-day in favorable climates (a comfortable 70 -80-degree temperature)

  • Airbrush can give a smooth finish, but favors skin with little to no flaws/visible pores

  • It is very minimal, great for brides who are extremely natural


  • Temperature, humidity, and external factors can compromise the integrity of the airbrush and its wear time

  • Once applied, it can be difficult to build coverage and blend on top of. For those who want flawless bronzing, blush, and illuminated skin finishes this is not favorably conceivable

  • The shade range is more limited, finding the perfect match is more difficult

  • If you cry or sweat, it will leave streaks in the makeup that are almost impossible to touch-up or correct

Traditional Foundation


  • Traditional foundation has hundreds of formulas and finishes for different skin types, tones, textures, and needs (Matte, dewy, full coverage, satin, demi-matte)

  • It can be easily manipulated by mixing as well as applied with sponges, brushes, and fingers to create a flawless custom finish

  • Formulas have truly evolved over the years and foundation formulas last up to and can exceed 24 hours on top of being waterproof and heat resistant

  • Other products (powder, blush, bronzer, highlight, eyeshadow, etc..) always blend much better on top of traditional foundations and concealers as opposed to airbrush

  • Traditional makeup can look much better on film and photo because the products are truly melted into the skin, it creates a “second skin” look


  • Traditional foundation can feel on the ‘heavier’ side if someone is not used to wearing makeup

  • Application time might take a little longer due to the amount of blending necessary

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