Q - How do I become a LUX Bride?

A - First, fill out the inquiry form under the contact tab on our website and we will send you a detailed questionnaire to begin your tailored consultation. We take bookings up to one year in advance on a first-come, first-serve basis. Although we schedule bookings up to one year in advance, the specific artist(s) will not be determined until 6 months before your wedding date. To secure your date, we require a returned signed contract and deposit.

Q - Is there a minimum number of services for my wedding day?

A - Service minimums are enforced during wedding season, March – June & September – December. There are no service minimum requirements for January, February, July, and August. If the Owners, Trey, and Caitlyn, are assigned to the wedding and it’s during wedding season, the minimum is 5 hair and 5 makeup. If 2 Lead Artists are assigned to the wedding, the minimum is 4 hair and 4 makeup. If a Lead Artist who does both hair and makeup is assigned to the wedding, the minimum is 4 services total. If the client is not able to meet the required service minimum, a $50 service fee will be applied for each missing service, unless otherwise stated by the Owners.

Q - What if I don’t meet the requirement for the minimum services?

A - That’s okay! We will still try to accommodate you; there will just be an added service fee if you did not meet the requirement. We still want you to be a LUX Bride! Remember – any of your family or guests can be used to meet our minimum requirements! 

Q - What if I don’t know how many people want services done for my wedding?

A - Although an exact number of services is preferred, we do allow you to make revisions to your service count up to 1 month prior to your wedding date. With that being said, to ensure the necessary number of artists are reserved for your wedding, the sooner you can provide the final guest count, the better. We will proceed with booking your artists based off of the first guest count we receive. If you wait to add on additional services until the 30-day mark, we cannot guarantee we will have an artist available to complete the service. 

Q - Do you service junior bridesmaids / are they considered a flower girl?

A - We do not take care of junior bridesmaids because we find that this age range (12-16) tends to wear more makeup & keep up with hair trends, which would classify them as a bridesmaid. However, if she is wanting minimal makeup (gloss, mascara, blush) and hair (simple style), then she is considered a flower girl. Also, keep in mind that we spend significantly less time on a flower girl service when determining your headcount. Feel free to ask us any questions in regard to this in your consultation!

Q - Do you provide/require a trial run?

A - Yes! Two of our LUX bridal packages include a trial run of full hair & makeup and we offer an “A-La-Carte” trial run if needed. We strongly recommend a trial run to establish the relationship with your artist, see your wedding day glam vision come to life, and to make adjustments if needed. Having a trial allows for the day-of glam to run smoothly. 

Q - Do you provide airbrush & false lashes?

A - Yes! We provide airbrush, however, a consultation with your artist is recommended to see if airbrush is the best “fit” for you! When it comes to lashes, every makeup includes a basic “wispy” lash, for enhancement. However, we do offer luxury silk lashes in partnership with Amara Lashes for an additional charge. We offer multiple styles to really heighten the glam for our LUX clients!

Q - How long does each appointment take? What if I have a large party? 

A - Appointment times all depend on the timeline you provide. They can range from 30-45 minutes & 1 hour + for the bride. The larger your party, the more LUX team we will book to ensure everyone gets ready on time for the big day! 

Q - Are touch-ups provided, and can the artist be on standby to adjust and change up a look?

A - Yes! Touch-ups are provided at the completion of all services so everyone walks down that aisle fresh & ready. Your artist can absolutely be on standby or even leave and come back if you wish to adjust your glam or change to a different look for your reception. Please inquire for specific hourly rates and/or fees. 

Q - Are there travel fees? How far can you travel? How early can you start?

A - Yes, there are travel fees which are based on the location of your venue/event in relation to our home studio. Travel is per artist and is calculated to industry standard. We can travel as far as you need! We’ve traveled all over Texas and even out of state! Start time can be as early as you need, just know that there will be an early morning fee per artist if starting before 8 AM.

Q - Can I request a specific artist for my wedding day?

A - Yes, if your wedding is less than 6 months away, your artists will be assigned at the time of booking. If your wedding is more than 6 months away, your booking will be added to our calendar and your artist(s) will be assigned at the 6-month mark. If there is a specific LUX artist that you’re wanting to book with and your wedding is more than 6 months in advance, we will make a note of your request on your booking and do our best to book you with that artist once it is 6 months before your wedding date. If your wedding is 6 or less months away and you are requesting to be placed with a specific artist, we will do our best to place you with that artist. If your wedding is 6 months or less in advance and you are requesting that the owners, Caitlyn & Trey, do your wedding day glam, a $100 booking fee will be applied to your contract per owner. If your wedding is 6 months or more away and you would like to request the owners for your glam, we will make a note of it on your booking and do our best to accommodate your request. A $100 booking fee per owner will be applied to your contract.

Q - What is the deposit/payment process? Are there cancellation fees?

A - The client's deposit is 50% of the total due and must be paid at the time of signing the contract. The client's wedding will not be added to the LUX calendar and the artists will not be booked until both the signed contract & deposit are received. If there is a delay in the client finalizing their booking and it results in there being no artist availability for their wedding date, LUX will inform the client via email. The quote will be canceled and the client will, unfortunately, have to book their services elsewhere.

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