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Q - How do I book LUX for my event?

A - Please complete the inquiry form under the contact tab on our website and we will send you a detailed questionnaire to begin your tailored consultation. As long as you have an event date, you can secure LUX for your glam! Although your specific artist(s) will not be assigned until 6 months prior to your event date, we will hold your booking with a signed agreement and initial payment. 

Q - Is there a minimum number of services for my wedding day?

A - Service minimums are enforced for weddings booked Friday through Sunday during wedding season, March – June & September – December. If service minimums apply to your event date, each artist's individual service minimum requirement is 4 (5 for LUX owner, Caitlyn Holmes). Services received prior to or after the event date cannot be used to meet a service minimum requirement.

Q - What if I don’t meet the requirement for the minimum services?

A - That’s okay! If you are unable to meet the required service minimum per artist, a $60 service fee will be applied for each missing service. We hate saying no to glam and really want you to be a LUX client! Remember – any of your family or guests can be used to meet our minimum requirements. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding our service minimums or if you'd like more information. 

Q - What if I don’t know how many people want services done for my wedding?

A - Although an exact number of services is preferred, we do allow you to make revisions to your service count up to 90 days prior to your event date. Services can only be added not removed after the 90-day mark. We strongly recommend finalizing your timeline and service count as soon as possible to ensure we have enough artist coverage for your event. If you wait until the 90-day mark to add on multiple services, there is a chance that we will not be able to add them due to no artist availability.

Q - Do you service junior bridesmaids? Are they considered a flower child?

A - We do not offer a junior bridesmaid service because we find that this age range tends to keep up with current glam trends. If your junior bridesmaid loves makeup, volume, and glam, we highly recommend booking them for a bridesmaid service. If your junior bridesmaid prefers minimal makeup (gloss, mascara, blush) and hair (simple style), we are happy to book them for a flower child service. This is a much lighter hair and/or makeup application than the bridesmaids and less time is booked for these services. Please note that none of our services are restricted to gender. We want to make sure everyone in your wedding party feels beautiful and included so please let us know if there's anything we can do to make that happen! 

Q - Do you provide/require a trial session?

A - While a trial session is not required, we highly recommend booking a trial before the big day! It allows you to see your wedding day glam vision come to life & gives you the chance to meet your lead artist(s) before the big day! We offer trial session options for our bridal and grooming packages. Please keep in mind that we are not able to schedule a trial session until your booking is finalized. 

Q - Do you offer an airbrush makeup application and false lashes?

A - Yes! We provide airbrush, however, a consultation with your artist is recommended to see if airbrush is the best “fit” for you! If you want more information on the differences between traditional versus airbrush makeup, click on the Blog tab above to see what our Senior Makeup Artist, Trey, has to say about the two applications! When it comes to lashes, every makeup application includes a demi-wispy lash. We consider this to be a natural lash that looks great on everyone. If you're looking to elevate your glam, we have you covered! You can upgrade to an Amara Lash for $30. We carry the styles 'Loafer' and 'Boxy' for our clients. If you aren't sure which lash option to choose, please email the LUX team so we can provide you with additional information. 

Q - How long does each appointment take? What if I have a large party? 

A - Wedding planners love us because we build out your entire timeline from start to finish. We include a setup time for our artists and a time cushion/touch-up slot at the end of every timeline. Wedding party services range from 40-45 minutes, flower child services range from 10-30 minutes, and at least 1 hour is scheduled for each bridal service. If you have a high glam look that requires more time, we can schedule up to 1.5 hours with your artist(s) at no additional charge. If additional time is needed, you are able to purchase time in 30-minute increments. Large wedding parties are no problem for LUX. From your "I Do" Crew to additional wedding guests, we want to take care of all your glam needs!

Q - Are hair and/or makeup touch-ups provided? Can the artist(s) be on standby to provide glam touch-ups or do a 2nd look?

A - Yes! Touch-ups are provided after all services are complete so everyone can walk down the aisle fresh & photo-ready. If you're interested in learning more about having your artist(s) remain on-location for touch-ups and/or you'd like to book a 2nd look, please select the appropriate service add-on option listed on your questionnaire. Our team will provide you with additional information and can add the service(s) to your quote. 

Q - Are there travel fees? How far can you travel? How early can you start?

A - Yes, there will be a travel fee due for each artist that comes to your location. If you want to come to the LUX studio for your appointment, there will no travel fee(s) added to your invoice. We can travel as far as you need! We've been all over Texas and even out of state. Glam can start at any time, but there will be an early morning fee billed for each artist that begins services before 8 AM. 

Q - Can I request a specific LUX artist for my booking?

A - Yes! If there's a specific LUX artist that you would like to be booked with, please submit your request via email and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note a $200 booking fee applies when requesting LUX owner, Caitlyn Holmes.

Q - What is the payment process? What is your cancelation policy? 

A - Your initial payment is 50% of the total due and must be paid at the time of signing the agreement. If your event is less than 2 weeks away, your full balance will be due at the time of signing the agreement. Your event will not be added to the LUX calendar and your artist(s) cannot be booked until both the signed agreement & initial payment are received. Our calendar fills up fast so we recommend finalizing your booking ASAP. Our cancelation process and policy are outlined in the agreement you will receive with your quote. We will be happy to answer any questions you have after reviewing the quote. 

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